I recommend going back and re-reading this entire book. Some chapters are short and to the point. Others are more complex. Regardless, approach each chapter with a laser-like focus.

In the end on the book, I asked you if you were ready to get started. I hope that your answer is yes. But if you are not already diving in, this question is for you:

“Besides the fact that [fill in the blank with whatever excuse you have], is there any other reason why you would not get started today?”

As you now know, it is just an excuse, an objection, or something to overcome. So here is my solution.

“If I guarantee that it will change your career, your business, your company, and your life, will you do it?”

For those of you who said yes, “Great, let’s get started!”

As you know, “Yes!” moves the world.

Closing Intelligence® Tools

There are five Closing Intelligence Solutions® worksheet tools to go with this book. Download the worksheets. Use these worksheets until the process becomes second nature. This is a key step in becoming a closer. Make sure that you are not missing out on any information. Make sure you go through all of the principles—each step, each tool—in precise detail.

  • Step 1: The Intent Statement Tool
  • Step 2: The 4 Whys Discovery Tool
  • Step 3: The 4 Whys Benefits Tool
  • Step 4: The Overcoming Objections Tool
  • Step 5: The Creating Solutions Tool

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How To Get Others To Say Yes In Life And Business